On a hot May afternoon in 1998, five senior Family Physicians were sitting in a cellar clinic of another friend engrossed in a serious discussion. The office bearers of the city’s Family Physicians’ Association, AGPA had resigned en masse over the issue of holding an CME programme on a non-scientific topic insisted upon by the non-scientific executive members. The problem was, how to part painlessly with the company of non-allopaths from AGPA, a hybrid association of Family Physicians of the Ahmedabad city formed of allopathic Family Physicians and non-allopathic General Practioners. It is altogether a different story that AGPA was started and nurtured mainly through the efforts of these very doctors. It was there and then decided to form another association of practising Family Physicians of the city holding IMA eligibility. It was decided to promote AFPA as a speciality wing of IMA represent the Family Physicians. AFPA was and is a body supplementary to IMA and not complementary to it.

AFPA was born at that moment.

Since AGPA funds and membership strength were not available, the initial gestational problems were quite daunting. But the enthusiasm of the leaders and the instant support of Family Physician friends made the AFPA stronger everyday. The imaginative, useful and Family Physician-oriented CME programmes at convenient timings and venues have endeared AFPA to the Family Physician fraternity of Ahmedabad. The previous four annual Scientific conferences and other programmes have all been highly attended and have been an instant advertiser for enrolment of newer members.
We know that the future belongs to AFPA as the only legitimate representative body of the Family Physicians of the Ahmedabad City

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